Mustafa Ceceli was born in Ankara on November 1980. His parents discovered his high interest and talent for music. He was tutored two years of piano playing while he was six years old . During his High School and University years he played keyboards and piano for music bands. His professional entry to professional music scene was during his years of education in Yeditepe Business Administration. His first hit arrangement was Kenan Doğulu’s song ‘’Aklım Karıştı’’. He had numerous number of other hits as an arranger in Turkey. In 2005 collaborating Sezen Aksu is considered a life changing and turning point in his career. He worked both in studio productions and played live on stage for four years. His professional career in singing launched with the song ‘’Unutamam’’ in 2007. On 2009 his single album Limon Çiçekleri and first solo debut album was released. He was certified Gold for this album. The pinnacle in his career happens to be on 2014 with the duet of Make Me Yours Tonight- Al Gotur Beni with Lara Fabien. Song was sung in both in English and Turkish. Mr. Ceceli has produced 5 solo albums, including the new album called "Zincirimi Kırdı Aşk", 4 singles and 2 remix albums of his own. He has been working as composer and arranger for music industry, movie industry, tv shows, soap operas and commercials.